Viva Vegas Weekend

Viva Indian Trails, so the saying goes for our popular Vegas weekend with games, white elephants and excitement. Even though itís only play money being used, the sounds of winning are as if it were real money.  

To receive $5,000 play money to gamble with, a white elephant prize was needed in exchange for the money. We have several games set up to play to make your money pile grow and at the end of the gaming, we auction off the white elephants with the money you made gambling. There are blackjack tables set up outside and table games inside the waterwheel shed.  There were a lot of hoots and hollers as if people were in Vegas winning big and it was fun to see you all having a good time. Tony auctioned off the white elephants and sometimes the auction is more fun than the gaming. Thank you to everyone who helped make this weekend possible. We hope you join us again for the fun times waiting to be had on Vegas weekend.










One of the many blackjack tables at Vegas Night!















Lots of games

for the Kids

of all ages.









Even the little ones have a blast at Vegas Night!!







  OK.. were





Thanks Sarah
for helping
the kids play.
Tony the
pit boss is
also the auctioneer.








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