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Dino Dig Weekend

plus Euchre Tournament

 Dino Dig Weekend has become a huge hit. The live reptile show is very educational and neat to see. Kids can make a dinosaur craft at craft time and become a paleontologist during the Dino Dig Egg Hunt.



Live Reptile

show was

big hit with





We had Dino Dennis here with Nature’s Niche for a live reptile show and there was a huge crowd to welcome him. He has reptiles such as a monitor lizard, bearded dragon, alligator, turtles, a huge Burmese python and many other snakes. He also had some frogs and salamanders here too! It was a great program.







Oh yeah... he

can't see me.

















We finished the dino dig weekend by showing a Dinosaur theme movie on the big outdoor movie screen.  


















Hey Mom,


Look what I

found in your

sleeping bag.












we handle

snakes like

this all the



















Dinosaur Egg Hunt

There were over 85 kids that participated in the dino dig. They had fun finding prize filled dinosaur eggs.




Dino Craft time

Sand Art

Top Talent








Dino craft





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