• Follow the Golden Rule. Please treat your fellow campers with respect and courtesy.


  • Everyone must STOP, come into the office and register upon arrival and pay visitor fee of $6.00 per adult and $3.00 per child ages 5-18.

    Every vehicle must have a camper or visitor pass hanging from the rearview mirror before going into the campground.  Visiting guests must depart before 9:00 p.m.  Any unregistered guests will be subject to double the fee or asked to leave. Please advise guests of the no motorcycle policy. All motorcycles must be kept at the entrance. Only two vehicles are allowed per site so guests may have to park in an overflow area.


  • The speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH.  There are many young kids at play so please to drive slow or you will go!

  • QUIET TIME is from 11pm thru 8am and is strictly enforced. Radios and televisions outside your camper will be turned off by 11pm. After 11pm your campsite shall remain quiet enough so as not to be heard by your neighbors. Minor children must be back at their site during this time.  Loud radios are not allowed at any time.  Please enjoy your music and allow your neighbors to enjoy their own as well.

  • NO CARRY IN FIREWOOD PLEASE.  Please Buy it where you burn it.  Please purchase our bug free USDA certified heat treated kiln dried firewood at the campground.  To help prevent the spread of gypsy moth, emerald ash borer and oak wilt, USDA and WDATC Certified firewood is sold here at minimal markup to cover our costs.  This is a serious problem and we ask our campers to take it seriously too. Please help us protect our trees and protect the beauty of the campground. We are working hard to prevent loss due to these invasive pests and diseases that are harmful to Wisconsin’s trees. We plant 20 to 100 new trees annually to help keep the campground nice and sites shaded.  Indian Trails has contracted with a firewood supplier that is certified by the Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and the US Department of Agriculture to provide “certified” firewood for our customers at the lowest cost possible.  Please enjoy a campfire with your family knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment. Visiting or singing around a blazing campfire and roasting marshmallows are among the experiences that make for a memorable camping trip in a nice wooded setting, of course.


  • Only camping one unit per site allowed. Quite often people make the comment there is plenty of room for two families and they don’t mind doubling up. State law does not allow two camping units on a site so it is required that you reserve a site for each unit (1 tent, 1 trailer, etc). The only

    exception is a tent may be set up for minor children (under 19

    years old) only if there are no more than two adults on the site.

    If there are three or more adults then only one camping unit is

    allowed and everyone must stay in the one unit. If you have three

    or more adults and want to have more than one camping unit

    then you need to reserve two sites. There is an extra adult fee if

    you have more than two adults on a site. Kids are always free.


  • Motorcycles, mini-bikes, mopeds, golf carts, ATV's, powered kids riding toys, etc. are NOT allowed in the campground. Guests arriving on motorcycles must leave them at the office and walk to your site.  Other LOUD vehicles (as determined by ITC Management) are not allowed.


  • Drunken/disorderly conduct will not be tolerated .  If someone in your party has had too much to drink they shall remain at your site for their own safety.  If they are out wandering around the campground at any time day or night they will be told to leave and not allowed to return.


  • Pets are welcome here if they are kept on a 6' leash, not left alone, cleaned up after and are very quiet. Remember, no pets allowed with sleeping cabins rentals. Dog Deposit of $10 per dog will be returned at the end of your stay provided pet rules are followed and no problems.


  • Concealed Carry only with permit.  Otherwise no firearms or weapons of any type. No BB/Pellet guns, paintball guns, bow & arrows, slingshots.


  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited.  Possession or use will result in eviction without refund.  Floating paper sky lanterns are not allowed.


  • Maximum of two cars per site for registered campers.  Please use overflow parking areas.


  • This is a family campground so language fit for campers of all ages is required.  Profanity will not be tolerated.


  • No skateboards.


  • After dark all bikes must have a working light facing forward.


  • Bass and northern fishing is catch and release only.  Please use barb less hooks. Minnows, chubs, shiners etc. are not allowed.  Indian Trails fishing lake is a voluntary lead-free fishing tackle lake as part of the DNR Lead Action Plan.


  • No gas motors allowed on the fishing lake.  Electric trolling motors are OK.


  • Drones are not allowed.

  • Gathering of firewood or cutting of trees or branches and shrubbery is prohibited.

  • Our staff patrols the campground during the day and night to provide any assistance you may need.  


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